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Comic for: June 6th, 2007
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Wii Sports: "Or it could just be me."
Posted: Wednesday June 6th, 2007 by

The closer I get to "Pro" status playing Wii Tennis and Baseball, the more I've convinced myself that the game is cheating.

Yeah yeah I know. I probably just suck. But, even Taks agrees especially where Tennis is concerned. I swing the Wii-mote and it doesn't register the swing. This has happened time and time again, particularly when I'm ahead in the match. Where baseball is concerned, having no control over my players after I pitch is a bit annoying. Teams that seem to be incapable of hitting early in the game, turning into hitting machines if I'm ahead. With only three innings there's no room to try to make up any ground. And, tie games do not go into extra innings.

The truth of the matter is most likely somewhere in the middle. As you progress through the game the controller is less forgiving. In early matches a slight twist of the wrist when swinging the wii-mote has little effect. But, as you approach pro status those little twists of the wrist actually begin to impact the angle of the racket face. With baseball, the game is supposed to get more difficult, but without allowing the player to control their own outfield, the computers ability to "adapt" changes. Making it more difficult to pitch around them. And those bloopers to centerfield that net you a double... suddenly become pop-flys they get cradled in a welcoming Mii mitt.

This doesn't really change how I respond to the game though. I swing the wii-mote the same, I kind of expect it to have the same result. That's gameplay consistancy. So, when I'm owning a couple of Mii tennis opponents and all of the sudden my backhand swings stop registering, I'm inclined to say very nasty things to my digital opponents.

I do wonder if maybe there's an issue with my wii-mote though, because when I try the boxing game, the nunchuck works fine but I have a hard time getting the Wii-mote (in my dominant hand) to register that I'm punching with it. **shrugs**

None of that changes the fact that Miis are evil, cheating, rat bastards.

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