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Comic for: June 22nd, 2007
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Warhammer Online: "Dwarf Beards"
Posted: Friday June 22nd, 2007 by

Matthew sent in this idea a few days ago, I've been looking for the right time to sneak it in. And with all the hot topic comics in the last week, I figured ending up the week on a lighter note was a good idea. Here's the text of Matthew's original email.

I was reading up on some of the finer points of Warhammer, and they
mentioned something that immediately sparked an idea that seemed hilarious
(to me at least lol)

Anyway, on the website, they say that part ofwhat will make certain
characters unique, is that as your character grows in power, their visual
traits changes. i.e. Orcs literally grow larger or dwarves beards grow
longer.... and right there is when it hit me...

in the foreground you have two "noobs", not extravagantly geared, and in the
background you basically see a mound of beard with a helmet and a couple of
oversized axes sticking out of it.

Noob1: What the hell is THAT?!
Noob1: Oh that's just Warbeard, the most powerful dwarf in the realm...

and maybe some growling noises coming from the mound of beard.

Matthew L.

As always, I took some liberties. But, thanks for the joke idea Matthew, my changes aside.

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