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Comic for: July 9th, 2007
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Gaming News: "The Red Ring of Death"
Posted: Monday July 9th, 2007 by

Recently, Corporate Vice President of the Entertainment and Devices Division of Microsoft, Peter Moore, posted an open-letter to to the "Xbox Community" to apologize for the the glut of XBox 360 system failures and to outline an enhanced 3 year warranty program for the 360 that would cover "any console that displays a three flashing red lights error message. [ XBox.Com ] Then yesterday, GamePolitics reported that Microsoft representatives were placing the blame for 90% of the 360 failures on surge protectors.
Source: Game Politics [ more info ]

As I understand it, fluxuations in the flow of power to the 360 can expose a weak point in the system which can cause the DVD laser, fans, etc. to malfunction which can, in turn, result in the Red Ring of Death we've all heard so much about.

If it's true that something as basic as the use of a surge protector is at the heart of all the 360 deaths, the dev team should be ashamed of themselves. I don't own a piece of electronics that is not plugged into a surge protector.

Anyway, I know it's kind of cheap for me to use real images rather than draw the console and surge protector, but the reality of the two items is part of what made the comic funny to me. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm trying to get a weeks worth of comics, and some creative for an ad campaign done before I leave for ConnectiCon. **whistles**

Oh and one more thing before I get back to work. Today is the last day to bid on the two pieces of original Vhah artwork in our auctions section:

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