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Comic for: August 21st, 2007
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Guest Strip: "Only the Best"
Posted: Tuesday August 21st, 2007 by

Ah ha. Now we're talking; another guest strip. Just what I needed to spend the day playing video games doing all manner of extremely important GU stuff. **coughs**

Since it explains the panel far better than I ever could, here's what Kaileigh has to say about her submission:
I've been reading for a while and decided to answer the guest strip call.

The story behind this one is. My friend, the human character, wanted me to play Star Wars Galaxies with him. Alright, don't know much about Star Wars but the game is ok. The Part that amused me the most was having and decorating a house. I found that the Medium Naboo house has a basement and I kept finding all these dice so I thought it would be funny to surprise my friend with a gaming room.

Thanks for stepping up to the guest strip plate KaileighBlue!

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