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Comic for: October 11th, 2007
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The Zapper!: "A Simple Truth"
Posted: Thursday October 11th, 2007 by

Yesterday in an open letter to the community, Perpetual Entertainment's president and co-chairman, Chris McKibbin, announced that roman mythology themed MMO Gods & Heroes had been on indefinate hold. McKibbin goes on to express that the company would be shifting their focus in their Platform Services division and Star Trek Online.
Source: Gods & Heroes Community Site [ more info ]

Again, I hate seeing any MMO go, especially from these guys since they gave me a bottle of wine as swag a few E3's ago when Perpetual unveiled Gods & Heroes (before SOE became the games publisher). But, as I said in a previous thread on the subject "[Gods & Heroes] would be competing almost directly with Conan. It's really a better idea [for Pertual] to focus their resources on the Star Trek MMO, where they could potentially go unchallenged in the mass-appeal MMO Sci-Fi arena."

At any rate it seemed only fitting that the death of a fly wearing a roman helmet be met with a quote from Marcus Aurelius (Gladiator). The other pearl of wisdom, the one about frying ones freakin lips off, is my own.

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