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Comic for: October 22nd, 2007
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Woody & Ted: "Some Guy's Hard Work"
Posted: Monday October 22nd, 2007 by

A little before noon yesterday it snowed. It was fluffy, wet, and parents let their kids romp about in it. At some point one of the neighbors erected a small snowman. It had no real defining features except that fallen leaves and grass were matted into its white, lumpy form. Being Colorado, it warmed up and what was covered in an inch or more of snow that morning was gone before the sun set. Everything except... the snowman.

I took Ceasar out, and the presence of snowman seemed to creeped him out. He walked wide circles around it (despite it's diminutive stature) and growled. Usually he has a cat-like curiosity, but he wouldn't get any near the thing.

Obviously I was amused enough to make a comic about it. But this comic is more a comment on the snowman itself. I realize there isn't much out in our yard to make a snowman more snowman like, but I don't understand what the neighbor was trying to accomplish. I could have appreciated a creepy, Calvin-esque offering if that was the intent. But this was just three mishappen balls stacked atop each other. No eyes, no nose, no nothing, except the leaves, which really doesn't add anything favorable to resulting figure.

Bah who am I kidding? In a few years, I'll be out in the front yard enjoying the year's first snowfall with GU Jr. and will probably build an ugly snowman to amuse us both. I will probably think back to this comic and mock myself mentally, pelt the kid with a snowball to release my frustrations, and then find a way to blame Taks for the whole situation.

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