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Comic for: February 11th, 2008
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The Zapper!: "Maybe Just Hang Out?"
Posted: Monday February 11th, 2008 by

This past Friday, the Saga of Ryzom's German server, Leanon, was shut down following the English server Arispotle's closure 2 weeks ago. This leaves only the French server Aniro active. Gameforge, the company that owns Ryzom, filed bankruptcy last October putting the game in receivership. Assets were expected to be liquidated withing three weeks of the bankruptcy filing.
Source: WarCry Network [ more info ]

Some of you may recall that I'd already zapped Ryzom. Expecting assets to be liquidated months ago, I wasn't expecting to see further news about the game. But apparently the servers have remained active, and are just now being closed. There is currently no news as to how long Aniro, the final server, will remain up.

As for the comic, obviously there's plenty of space on the zapper, and other than some odd sense of protecting their relative exclusivity, I can't say why they might want to keep the Ryzom fly out of their space. And, where I would typically encourage you to go and buy/play the game to help support them in their hours of need... Ryzom is Free. So, I'm not sure how that would help. Not to mention, right now I'm not certain how being limited to one French server would impact your ability to play the game. If the server is localized, most of the non-French-speaking GU Readership would be ill equipped to play the game. Meh, I'll link you anyway and hope that new players does not speed the closing of the final server:
Ryzom Client Download

Thanks Paul for the news tip.

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