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Comic for: April 29th, 2008
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At the Movies: "And in This Corner"
Posted: Tuesday April 29th, 2008 by

In a language bending video announcement released this past Friday, Uwe Boll, with the sponsorship of GoldenPalace, has challenged Transformers director Michael Bay to twelve rounds boxing at the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino in Las Vegas.
Source: MovieSet.Com [ more info ]

As I've said before, I think Uwe is off his freakin' nut. But, I'm loathe to dismiss this challenge out of hand. As blatantly whacky as it is, the video is tagged with a link to information about Uwe's upcoming game-to-film adaptation Postal. So even if Michael Bay doesn't accept, that video is making headlines all over the game world and thus is promoting Boll's next film.

Obviously a fight, if it were to happen, wouldn't really solve anything for Uwe. He's never going to be more than a hamfisted director with zero editing skill. And Michael Bay will continue to be payed huge sums of money to commit shallow-plotted, explosion pieces to the big screen. At least a fight between the two might mean Uwe was finally involved in a project that was marginally entertaining to watch... marginally.

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