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Comic for: May 1st, 2008
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At the Movies: "Suffering the Consequences"
Posted: Thursday May 1st, 2008 by

After a long day with no time to read gaming news, I went into last nights Live Feed without a joke idea. Luckily the folks that were there to watch me work were quick with ideas I could pursue. But when someone mentioned that Ironman was dropping tomorrow, I jumped on the idea. Not so much because of the movie release but because it was a good excuse to draw Ironman.

Now, technically Ironman doesn't release until tomorrow (5/2). But there's always advanced screenings, midnight showings, sneak previews, etc. So I rolled in that direction. But, after waiting this long to see the movie, you KNOW Ted would do something that would risk our chances to go.

Usually I like to try to avoid masturbation jokes, but really this one is just a fanboy homage. Everytime someone would link the trailers on gaming news sites someone in the associated comments would invariably respond simply with "fap fap fap". Sure I got a kick out of the trailers, and am excited to see the movie. But... uhh... it ain't THAT big a deal. Gamer culture can be so weird sometimes. **goes back to rocking out on a plastic guitar rather than picking up a real one**


About GU Live

So, some of you may be curious about my continuing mentions of the "Live Feed". For a week now I've been streaming my work live so that people could watch me work. It's been an interesting experience. But I'd kinda like to see some more "asses in the seats". Anyway here's the deal... I work a day in advance. So Sunday through Thursday I log in around 6pm Mountain (GMT-7) and begin work. If I don't have a joke idea (like I mentioned above) I jabber on with folks in the chat room, answer questions, show how I do certain things in Photoshop, etc.

You can watch the feed here : http://www.gucomics.com/live
You do NOT need a uStream account to watch but if you want to talk in the chatroom you have to register for one (it's free). I typically turn on my ipod for folks to listen to while I work. Apparently folks weren't big on the silence.

So there you have it. Stop in and bring your GU questions with you.

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