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Comic for: June 9th, 2008
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Gaming News: "The Intent is Obvious"
Posted: Monday June 9th, 2008 by

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, singer-songwriter John Mayer addressed what lead him to the blues, his favorite guitar moments, his feelings on the rock/rythm game Guitar Hero, and his response to how "easy" it is for "kids" to produce music now.
Source: Rolling Stone [ more info ]

When I read Mayer's opinion about Guitar Hero, I rolled my eyes and shrugged. If this chucklenut can't see that Guitar Hero is leading kids to pick up a real guitar then he's ignorant enough not to be payed any attention to. But when I read his answer to the next question in the interview regarding his feelings on "how easy it is for kids to get into music and produce music now", I furrowed my brow and set to work on the comic.

See, the first two text bubbles in today's comic are actual quotes from the interview. He actually thinks hat the ability of kids to produce music in their own home "dements the creative process"? Is he kidding us or being unintentionally ironic? In either case, I think he's an asshat. If I'd ever purchased his music before, I swear to never buy it again. But, well... you get the picture.

Today's Pimpage: John Mayer is wearing an "AssHat" that did NOT come from HotTopic.

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