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Comic for: September 8th, 2008
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Spore: "A Valid Question"
Posted: Monday September 8th, 2008 by

I know I've probably whined enough in protest of the Spore DRM. But GU local, Stormhaven, sent me a link to Amazon that kind of amused me.

Apparently since details of the digital rights management software EA is packing onto the Spore disks started circulating, gamers have taken to logging into Spore's Amazon page to leave negative feedback in protest of the "draconic" DRM. The effect has been that the game rating has dropped from five stars down to two and is likely to drop farther.
Source: Amazon.Com: Spore Customer Reviews [ more info ]

Again, I've made my views on this quite clear. I will not buy Spore (a game I've been lusting after since I first heard about it) until EA patches the current DRM out of the game.

First, I'm not okay with the idea that I can only install the game 3 times. You guys know how often I have computer problems and/or upgrade. 3 installs will likely last me all of a year and a half. Then I have to start calling in to explain what I need additional activations. But how long is phone supported activation going to last? What happens when it dries up? Basically, I have to rebuy the game. Thanks EA.

Second, for all intents and purposes it is a single player game. You should never be required to have internet access to play a single player game. Sure there is player generated content to be had online, but if you're like me you'll look at it but probably never download it. The idea is that players will have to authenticate their game online "the first time" and then re-authenticate their game when they "use online features, download new content of a patch for their game". I don't care if this means I won't need the disc in my computer to play the game. I'm okay with tossing in a game disk if it means not putting computer sniffing spyware on my machine.

If, unlike me, you don't care about the DRM, Spore released in North America yesterday.

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NOTE: I'd like to clarify the 3 activation issue. If you install Spore on your computer, uninstall it, and decide to reinstall it on the same computer later... that only uses one license. But for people like me who have to do clean OS installs (for whatever reason) and update hardware, etc. where each clean OS install is considered a new computer, those 3 activations disappear really quickly.

Today's Pimpage: The spaceship in today's comic will not be available as player made content for Spore until EA stops being an in-grown asshair.

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