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Comic for: December 25th, 2008
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The Life of Ted!: "To: Ted. From: Claus."
Posted: Thursday December 25th, 2008 by

Whose to say whether Claus is just looking for peace, or if he felt CliffyB deserved it. But there he is... Cliff Bleszinski... swallowing his head.

I anguished for a bit over exactly how I wanted to portray Cliff's self-swallowed noggin. I considered putting a regular mount on the neck stump, but that just did resolve itself in my head. Then there was the idea of having teeth around the hole, but that was too creepy. So I settle for what I imagined it would look like if you could just push your head down into your body. It's not exactly "swallowing his own head" but I thin it's the best result.

Anywho, Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it. Happy Holidays for those that don't. There may or may not be a comic for tomorrow (Friday). I'm just not sure yet. I guess we'll see if a joke strikes me.

And for those of you that missed it in the other thread, the Figgy Pudding was a success. It looks like I may well be making it again next year. **shrugs** We'll see. Please feel free to talk about your holidays here... gifts, food, stories of family stupidity,etc.

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