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Comic for: February 20th, 2009
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Gaming News: "How Does THAT Help?"
Posted: Friday February 20th, 2009 by

Gametraders, an Australian gaming retailer, is organizing a rally to support the demand for an 18+ rating for video games. Gametraders have asked rally participants to show up in game related cosplay. This request concerns some gamers though as it is feared the cosplay may undermine their position.
Source: Game Politics [ more info ]

I love that Australian gamers are rallying to correct a major issue with how games are rated down under. The lack of an R18+ rating is keeping some good games from hitting store shelves. And where the political claim is that no classification supports certain games, thus blocking them from AU distribution, the gamer sentiment is that certain politicians are using the lack of an R18+ rating as a way of censoring game releases across the country.

I am concerned however by the idea of Gametraders asking ralliers to dress in cosplay. When you're trying to show tie-wearing, stuffed-shirts that you're serious, it's a bad idea to do so in a Onechanbara two piece... generally speaking.

Attention Aussie Reader:
The rally will take place March 4th at 1pm on the steps of the Adelaide Parlaiment House. Readers interested in attending the rally can find more information at the R18Games.Com.AU website.

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