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Comic for: February 25th, 2009
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Quake Live: "A Fine Idea"
Posted: Wednesday February 25th, 2009 by

Quake Live Beta opened yesterday and, in an effort to give everyone a chance to play, id Software established a massive queue. So, if you can wait out the other 11 thousand people trying to get in, you'll get to give the new service a go. I guess that's about as fair a way to handle the beta of a free game as I can think of.

Though if we toss fair out the window and chaingun it's body on the way down, we get the perfect solution to having to wait around for days on end. Let people fight their way in. Of course, letting people frag their way into the beta would pretty much defeat the need to have a game in the first place. But hey, it's still a good idea if you ask me.

To fulfill my information obligations here...
Quake Live will be a free service managed by id and financed by in-game advertising. Players will be matched based on skill level in over 40 arenas and 5 game modes.

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