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Comic for: March 30th, 2009
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World of Warcraft: "Burning A Hole"
Posted: Monday March 30th, 2009 by

This conversation was taken wholesale from chat last night. And it's not the first time Pleth has suggested I give her all of my money. I'm not sure what she would do with it. She already has the best gear money can't buy. Meh. **shrugs**

The basis of the comic still holds though, I've got gold burning a hole in my digital pocket. I was saving enough to buy one of the three rider mammoths with built in merchants. But he more I think about it, it seems like a complete waste of money. I mean, I'm never really that far from a merchant. And I'm a soloer. What do I need with a three seat mount?

One of the Dalaran teleport rings, now that would come in handy. And if I'm going after a land mount, dammit I want a motorcycle.

You see the problems that arise from selling off all the crap that accumulated in your Guild Bank and doing dailies almost religiously?

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