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Comic for: April 22nd, 2009
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Gaming News: "Speaking, Frankly"
Posted: Wednesday April 22nd, 2009 by

Gamasutra conducted a lengthy interview with Sony's Senior Vice President, Peter Dille, covering the state of the Playstation brand (PS2, PS3, PSP). In the interview Dille focuses in on piracy as it relates to PSP development and software sales, pointing a finger at the 50 million "potentially" compromised units (older versions of the hardware) still on the market.
Source: Gamasutra [ more info ]

The text you see in the comic is taken directly from Peter Dille's commentary. I just peppered it with a few more "frankly"s as a poke at Dille's somewhat odd delivery. In a long interview such as this, the subject is bound to make some linguistic missteps. But, the more I read the more quirky little bits of verbal hurdling I see. I'm not sure if maybe Dille was tired, or if he always talks like this but wow: "There's a lot of hardware out there; toothpaste is out of the tube. We're not going to get that hardware back into the toothpaste container." What?

My puzzling over Dille's commentary style aside, I think the PSP has more to be concerned about in regards to software sales than piracy. Now, you guys know me; I loathe video game piracy. But, the PSP has struggled since it's release to move units (both hardware and software). The handheld is slowly starting to re-establish itself now, but it's going to take a while to reverse that initial lag. So, it's hard for me to accept piracy as being responsible for a "big chuck" of the PSP's software sales woes.

Please note...
My take on Peter Dille's speach patterns are heavily biased for the the sake of humor, I highly recommend reading the interview [more info] for yourself and coming to your own conclusions. C'mon. It's only six long pages. Don't wuss out on me now.

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