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Comic for: May 1st, 2009
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World of Warcraft: "It Figures"
Posted: Friday May 1st, 2009 by

In recent, interesting, community news a guild on the Vek'nilash server waltzed through some of the hardest content in WoW by using GM item (Martin Fury) that allows you to "Kill all enemies in a 30 yard radius". Apparently a member of the guild had their account hacked. Because the member was an officer, the hacker cleaned out the Guild Bank. Several of his characters were also deleted/transferred. After Blizzard rescued his account and restored his lost characters, he found that one of his low level alts was wearing the the GM item. The Guild then went on to use the item to do thing the guild typically could not.
Source: WoWInsider [ more info ]

Now, Karatechop is not the character who had Martin Fury; it was just easier to say it that way in the comic. Karatechop was the Guild Leader. I say was because his account was banned. And I imagine most of the guild will eventually be given the same treatment (at least the ones who attended raids where the GM item was employed).

Reading the intial article, the resultant WoWInsider analysis of the situation, Karatechop's ban letter, and the subsequent interview WoWInsider conducted with him, I just couldn't wrap my brain around why, after realizing a guild member had Martin Fury, they didn't open a ticket and report the issue. Surely they knew that if they used it, they'd eventually be found out and the consequences would be dire.

Then saw Karatechop's WoWArmory profile, realized he was a Gnome, and was no longer surprised.

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