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Comic for: May 14th, 2009
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World of Warcraft: "They're Haunting Me"
Posted: Thursday May 14th, 2009 by

I haven't played WoW since Plants vs. Zombies was released. But it's not because I'm busying myself destroying the brain eating menace with cutesy plants. It's because I just can't maintain my focus on the game. Now, Grek is haunting me.

Unfortunately the world feels a bit too real right now to spend my time inside something fake. As a gamer, it's a terrible feeling to have. Games for me are a distraction. They whisk me away from the stresses of real life and let me relax for a while. Right now though, no matter what I do, there's that needling in the back of my mind. A constant reminder that bills are due and I haven't been paid for February, March, or April.

It's an incredibly frustrating situation. I know I'm not getting paid on time because the company that handes my advertising space isn't being paid by the advertisers. But that's not in my contract. There's no "you get paid when we get paid" clause. Yet here we both are. Stupid economy.

Ughh! Sorry to be such a downer. I forgot to take my rainbows and sunshine injection this morning.


Pimping it now feels a bit dirty but... the Artist For Sale section is live again if anyone is interested in prints, original panels, commissions, etc.

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