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Comic for: May 21st, 2009
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Gaming News: "A Clear Message?"
Posted: Thursday May 21st, 2009 by

California Senator Leland Yee is pushing to have the US Supreme Court review a case involving the restriction of the sale of violent video game to minors. The bill, sponsored by Yee and signed into law by Govenor Schwarzenegger in 2005, required another warning label be put on violent video games and retailers to be fined $1000 if they sold a violent video game to minors. In a court case filed by the ESA law was later deemed unconstitutional. California appealed the decision but the initial ruling was upheld. Convincing the US Supreme Court to review the case is California's last option to reinstate the law.
Source: GamePolitics [ more info ]

In my mind Smackywhack is sitting in a dark room somewhere, wringing his hands, hoping Senator Yee puts enough of a target on himself that it'll draw some attention away from Smack's own anti-gaming legal gesticulations. He needs it. He's been disbarred and his non-attorney attempts are failing miserably. **coughs** I'm trying not to laugh openly.

Unfortunately for us, Yee, is inifinitely more adept at not looking like a complete nut job.

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