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Comic for: June 15th, 2009
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The Zapper!: "Matrix Online"
Posted: Monday June 15th, 2009 by

On May 28th, via a producer letter posted to the Matrix Online official forums, MxO producer Dan "walrus" Myers announced that the game's servers would be shut down as of July 31st. This announcement was later confirmed (5/29), accompanied by a series of answered questions, by MxO forum administrator Raijinn.
Source: MxO Official Forums [ more info ]

My various inboxes were inundated with this news on the 29th. But of course, all of this went down the day before I left for Massachusetts. There wasn't enough time for me to work it into the site before I left.

Now... I feel a little bad for the lack of kindness I show at MxO's demise. But, I never played the game and the number of requests I got to do more MxO comics rests squarely at zero. I just don't have any reason to draft a whispered nicety or solemn homage. And I guess that leaves a callous, semi-relevant barb.

Honestly it feels a bit like kicking someone when they're down. But hey, you've seen the movie. When did that ever stop Neo?

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