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Comic for: June 26th, 2009
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World of Warcraft: "Ingenious Plan"
Posted: Friday June 26th, 2009 by

Just after the Midsummer Fire Festival reset, I went about stomping out the flames in the Alliance's major cities. Exxodar, cake walk. Darnassus, getting on the boat was harder than stomping out the flame. Ironforge, I was able to hearthstone after stomping out the flame. Stormwind City... ughh.

What I did was run up from the docks, hop in the canal, swam to the ramp, and body hopped to the flame. Despite the 20 body claim of the comic. The truth is I only died three times. It would have only been twice, once at the fire then once after I got stomped out the flame, but some lowbie ratted me out as I jumped into the canal. **sighs** So I died at the tent, then at the fire.

But the plan worked just as I said. I stood there and watch the 50 some odd Alliance players destroy everyone that snuck in. I watched them destroy some people over and over again while they tried to bubble, hide inside mounts, etc. There was just too much Alliance attention and fire power. When other ghosties left their corpses to come back later, I stood there and waited for things to calm down. I split the Midsummer NPCs and hugged the logs. When the Alliance folks started dueling each other, tossing torches, catching torches, running around in odd patterns in an attempt to amuse themselves, I rezzed, clicked, and then waited patiently to be blasted to shreds. I had a couple of seconds to spare before they realized someone had come back. Given the conditions it was the best outcome I could hope for.

I actually did the Iron Forge run after the Stormcity run. I was expecting more resistance. I was forced to die to drop the attention of the guards (which, when they hit you, interrupts your stomping attempt). Otherwise I probably could have run in, stomped out the flame, and run right back out (via the tram) without incident.

The challenge was frustrating, but fun for the exact same reason. As a predominantly solo player, I have to try to figure out how to do these things by myself while simultaneously keeping my repair costs low... relatively speaking.

So yeah, let's hear your stories of in-game successes. It'll be a nice diversion from the real world.

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