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Comic for: July 24th, 2009
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Woody & Ted: "Side Effects"
Posted: Friday July 24th, 2009 by

With Ted working at the Game Store and at Raptor Guts, the house suddenly feels very empty. I won't argue, it means the weird levels have dropped too. I can actually sit down and watch a movie from beginning to end without having to be aware of where the fire extinguisher and most convenient exit are.

I've notice something else interesting though. Now that he's working on a game he's not supposed to discuss, he doesn't say as much when he is at home. Granted it's usually because he's asleep.

He was shuffling in the other night. Walked past me without a word, then stopped in the area between the living room and dining room. A couple of seconds passed, and just as I was going say his name, I heard a minor snort, a quick intake of air, then he shuffled on. I'm not certain because I couldn't see his face, but I think he actually fell asleep while walking.

Today's Pimpage: Woody is wearing a "Mighty Kong" shirt from SplitReason.Com.

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