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Comic for: August 17th, 2009
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Guest Strip: "Not Good Singing"
Posted: Monday August 17th, 2009 by

Yesterday with no warning my computer started acting up. But after a minor kick to it's aluminum pants it straightened up. This morning... same damn thing. Finally get it up and running and Photoshop lets me know it has encountered and unrecoverable error. Power down, restart, bluescreen CHKDSK. I let it do it's thing and shut the computer again. Gave the computer a good compressed air assisted cleaning, switched the DIMM coupling my RAM was in. (Pretty sure I've got a flakey DIMM.) Start the whole thing back up and ZOOOM the computer is running like a champ again.

Well while I was working on this Taks was nice enough to put together another comic for me. Here's what she had to say about her submissions:
Yeah, this was a collaboration of the great minds of both Woody and I, but this time, he was the idea man and I was the artist. As you can see, it shouldn't ever really be that way.

I was looking for something to do a comic about, because Woody's computer was acting up and Photoshop wasn't behaving. As I was browsing a news site, Woody suggested Rockband Beatles, so I started drawing. Can you imagine playing Rockband with Yoko? She'd totally make the band fail every song... wanting to add her own artistic flair to everything -- just sing it Yoko... not that she CAN sing, but you know.

I also don't think I'd want to play Monopoly with her either.

For purposes of clarification, I only suggested The Beatles Rock Band. Taks did everything else. And for the sake of appearing newsy, here's a somewhat related Yoko Ono/Beatles/Harmonix/Rock Band article for you guys to read.

"The Beatles: Rock Band execs say Yoko Ono 'gave the designers hell'."
Source: Joystiq [ more info ]

On a personal note, I've been singing bits and pieces of "Be My Yoko Ono" by the Barenaked Ladies all morning.

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