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Comic for: August 19th, 2009
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World of Warcraft: "They Mock Me"
Posted: Wednesday August 19th, 2009 by

It was clear after BlizzCon '07, the WoW Team was pretty much through with me. My comped time ran out. No one would reuturn my emails. And when BlizzCon '08 rolled around... no invite. Interestingly enough, the StarCraft II team invited me. It's no mystery why though; they did it as a kind gesture after asking to use one of my SC2 comics and I gave my okay.

Now this year rolls around and there's no word from anyone. Initially it wasn't any big concern of mine. Still isn't really. I'm not offended. But then they announced the Terran Marine Murloc mini-pet: Grunty. I had pangs of longing. Then they announced that Ozzy would be performing the closing concert. My head dropped into my hands. Finally, yesterday, I hit the BlizzCon '09 site and saw the Raynor Noob toy that will be included in the goodie bag and I almost wept. See, I'm a complete toy whore. And that particular toy appeals to me on several levels.

Now I'm convinced Ozzy, Raynor, and Grunty are all standing around mocking my absense.

Granted, Blizzard and I had some issues last year. The SC2 team invited me out. They knew I was bringing the kid (they even arranged his flight). And yet they never informed me that security was not going to be allowing children below the age of 5 on the floor of the convention hall even though I was a VIP and had Press credentials. My response was less than kind. Luckily the hotel had offered us a cheap upgrade to a larger room to accomodate our need for a mini-fridge and all the extra time spent in the room gave theKid ample time to cruise. He came home walking.

So there you go, the whole story. And yes, I will probably subscribe to the live stream. I was up in the air about it until the rumors of what Blizzard might do to the horde with the next expansion started circulating. I'd get to see Ozzy. I'd eventually get Grunty. But Raynor Noob is still beyond my grasp.

If someone from Blizzard is reading this... yeah that was a blatant Raynor Noob "hint hint".
(Note: No one from Blizzard is reading this post.)

If you're going, feel free to rub it in. It's okay. I can take it.

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