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Comic for: August 21st, 2009
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Roller Coaster Kingdom: "Complex Solutions"
Posted: Friday August 21st, 2009 by

A couple of days ago, I gave in and started playing Roller Coaster Kingdoms (via Ted) on Facebook. It's interesting. A bit frustrating. But an easy time waster when waiting for my energy to regen in Mafia Wars. **coughs** Well this morning, as I was doing some jobs to finish my mastery of the Boss Tier, I ran out of Blackmail Photos. Hopped over to Ted's Mafia Wars gift requests, and rather than hitting "Accept Blackmail Photos" I hit "Block This Application". It's an easy fix, but I did lose all of my gifts. **grumbles**

Naturally I made a joke in Ted's status about my screw up and suggested it was because Ted was eating a bowl of Cookie Crisps cereal while trying to play the game with his feet. Wrap it all up into a comic with a nod to Rube Goldberg and boom you have the "more complex than I thought it would be" strip of how Ted solves relatively simple problems. Not because it's the only way he knows to do it but rather because the needless complexity amuses him.

I encourage you to google Rube Goldberg. And come up with your own silly contraptions to do easy things. I'd love to see them!

Now, if you'll pardon my excessively late update I've got to get back to the BlizzCon Stream and my burgeoning amusement park empire.

Today's Pimpage: Woody is wearing a "Atomic Robo" shirt from SplitReason.Com. If you haven't read Atomic Robo... you really need to correct that situation.

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