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Comic for: September 2nd, 2009
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Gaming News: "I Didn't Wanna"
Posted: Wednesday September 2nd, 2009 by

The news: Disney has moved to purchase Marvel Entertainment for $4 Billion in cash and stocks. Both companies have approved the purchase. It's unlikely that Marvel stockholders will disapprove. All that stands in the way is a standard anti-trust review.
Source: Marvel.Com [ more info ]

Alright, the news having been disseminated... I had no intention of doing a comic like this. Originally today's comic was going to be a bit of irreverent commentary on Kurt Cobain's likeness appearing as an unlockable character in Guitar Hero 5. [more info] But upon further consideration I decided it was wildly inappropriate. So, I had to fill the gap with something. Mickey as Wolverine was painfully predictable but I was stumped, running late, and had to get to work on something.

I'll just apologize and hope that you guys appreciate the effort enough to forgive me.


For those of you that asked I've put together a wallpaper image of Wolverine Mickey in two different sizes: 1920x1200 and 1600x1200. You can grab the images here:

Wolverine Mickey - Wallpaper

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