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Comic for: September 11th, 2009
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Aion: "Bounce II"
Posted: Friday September 11th, 2009 by

I've been watching Aion for a while now. But, despite the whole flying thing, I never felt like I "needed" to play it. I realized recently what the reason might be. Every time I hit the website or checked out video or screenshots my brain said "it's just Lineage 2 with wings". And that's exactly where the idea for this comic came from.

It's a terrible position to take. But I can't help it. I'll probably give the game a go. It's absolutely gorgeous to look at. And you guys know what a sucker I am for pretty graphics. Ted will probably play it for other... boobie related... reasons.

Thanks all of you that logged on to watch the piece color work come together. The detail made the whole thing brutal. This is probably the most time I've spent on a single comic in YEARS.


For those of you that missed the live stream, part of it was recorded. Unfortunately uStream's size cap on the recording prevented me from saving the whole thing. And it was a while before I saw the message or I would have just started a new recorded stream so you guys could watch it in parts. Anywho... you can find the saved portion here:

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