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Comic for: September 30th, 2009
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Star Wars: The Old Republic: "Wedge's Revenge"
Posted: Wednesday September 30th, 2009 by

Yesterday Bioware opened their site to Star Wars: The Old Republic testing applications. The influx of gamers all vying for a spot promptly crashed their site. [more info] Now where I don't have exact numbers, I can only imagine how many MMO and Star Wars fans it would take to smash the SW:TOR site's server. And where I'm certain it wasn't as difficult as say... firing a proton torpedo down a 2 meter wide, ray-shielded exhaust port, I figured there was some room to debate the issue even if I made up a bandwidth controller technology to throw some sci-fi techno sass into the mix.

Traffic is still high at the SW:TOR site, and some folks are still experiencing difficulties during registration. But, Bioware seems to be working hard to try to address the situation. The person I spoke to last night was still at his desk after midnight when I asked about things.

Sorry about the changing comic and writeup title. The was more text in the original comic that just seemed unnecessary. I just figured it would be funny if Luke went into that womp rat speech every time Fake Wedge said "impossible". Anyway, once I removed the extraneous text, the last bubble seemed somewhat out of place. So, I changed that too. By the time I was done changing the text of the comic, the title of the writeup thread here didn't really make sense anymore.

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