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Comic for: October 2nd, 2009
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Brutal Legend: "All This Blood"
Posted: Friday October 2nd, 2009 by

As I've been want to do lately, when a piece of gaming news doesn't jump out and grab me, I pick a game at random and endeavor to find the funny. Well Brutal Legend is a game I'm looking forward to but it hadn't made it's way into GU yet. I figured it was about time.

So I hit up the site, read what I could, and poured over the artwork and screenshots again.One thing that caught my attention in the description of the story was the invitation to "Become an epic hero in a Heavy Metal Fantasy World". [more info] Then I saw a blood laden screenshot and it all became clear.

The only way to talk about Brutal Legend without rehashing everything that's already been said was to turn 180 and write the unexpected. Now I've never been to a Jonas Brothers concert so I can only imagine the kind of carnage that actually goes on. But from all the screaming that comes out of venues hosting the Jonas Brothers, its obvious that the people inside are being bludgeoned to death or something.

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