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Comic for: October 12th, 2009
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Shadow Walker: "Peeping Rukusu"
Posted: Monday October 12th, 2009 by

Imagine if you will that you're a flying blue fairy named PoPo. Your job is to guide a neck-kerchief wearing forest spirit named Rukusu through levels. The problem is, being a forest spirit, he can't walk in direct light. You have to use your special flying blue fairy powers to create shadows. So yeah, it's a weird little WiiWare puzzler being released October 27th for 1K Nintendo Points (about $10). [more info]

I'd tell you more about the game, but -beyond what I mentioned above- the info just isn't there. There's no Wikipedia entry (not that I'd have cited it anyway). There's nothing about it in the official WiiWare section of Nintendo's site. The game's developer, Game Arts, has an official site for the game. [more info] But it's in Japanese and there doesn't seem to be an English equivalent. What little bit of info I do have came from Destructoid by way of AndriaSang (a site focusing on gaming news from Japan).

So really I was left to come up with my own conclusions about the game. And that tends to be a dangerous, if not entirely inappropriate, proposition. I think that whole shadow thing is jus an excuse to be a voyuer. "Oh no Mrs. Bear! I wasn't staring at your naked fuzziness. I was just avoiding the sun light by hiding in the shadow created by your naked fuzziness. So is that towel really necessary after all?" See? It all makes sense now doesn't it?

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