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Comic for: October 23rd, 2009
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Star Wars: The Old Republic: "So Little Patience"
Posted: Friday October 23rd, 2009 by

I've got our pal Ashen Temper, Bioware's Community Manager, in my facebook friends list. So when he posts an update about Star wars the Old Republic, I see it. Today he posted about a new holorecord that had been uploaded to the SWtOR site: The Battle of Bothawui. [more info]

Now, in reading it, I thought it was perfectly fine. But I made the mistake of reading one of the responses made by a member of the community. This individual complained about Bioware "wasting time on stills and soundbites" rather than spending time posting more details about classes and offering up more gameplay footage, dismissing the story outright as a ripoff that lacked imagination.

Now initially this just made me sad. There's not much I can say to clarify that initial response, I just think it shows an impatience and complete lack of understanding of the process. Bioware is releasing a highly anticipated MMOG based in the universe of one of the most widely known IPs on our planet. Release too much information and they innevitably end up having to back peddle. Release too little information and they're berated for not being mindful of the community. And on a basic level there are no new stories. I think it's a terrible misrepresentation of the recording to call it a ripoff.

This is when I decided the poster was probably just some angry sith dude whose sole interest was spreading the black taint of his own misery by the only means available to him at the time. Since pretty much everything leads to the darkside, impatience must be on the "I want to be Sith" checklist somewhere.


Thanks to everyone that stopped by to watch the live stream. Hope you got a kick out of it.

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