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Comic for: October 30th, 2009
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Half-Minute Hero: "When Clever Fails"
Posted: Friday October 30th, 2009 by

This comic was finished last night but I've spent all morning trying to assemble a worthwhile writeup to associate with it. Put simply Half-Minute Hero is a game that I'm having a rough time defining. There seems to be some differences between the Japanese and North American releases. The official website doesn't seem to completely gel with the wealth of reviews out there. So let me tell you what I know.

The premise is simple. The main bad guy is about to destroy everything you know you have 30 seconds to save the world. But even that isn't exactly true. The game has four main "modes". Hero 30 is a compressed RPG, Evil Lord 30 is RTS-esque, Princess 30 is a kind of shooter, and Knight 30 is an action/adventure/escort type deal. Each mode is made up of 30 stages. Each Stage is 30 seconds. BUT... you can use the gold coins you've collected in a stage to buy more time from the Time Goddess. There is also Hero Ad-Hoc mode which lets you play with 2-4 people in a competitive race to see who can beat the main boss first. Anyone can go to the Time Goddess, but everyone benefits from the purchase of more time. All that being said, reviewers are claiming about 15 hours of overall gameplay, while the official website claims 20. I'm not certain if this includes the Ad-Hoc mode.

Half-Minute Hero is a PSP exclusive title. And thus far it's getting good reviews bringing in a Metacritic score of 87. [more info]


Yes, that's all of a comic I could get done in 30 seconds. But, being completely honest here, I had to try several times to figure out what bits I needed to sketch to make it at least resemble something from the game.

Thanks everyone who stopped in to watch me work live!

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