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Comic for: November 10th, 2009
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Fairytale Fights: "Needless Violence"
Posted: Tuesday November 10th, 2009 by

I noticed Fairytale Fights has shown up in my ad space. So I went to check it out again. When I first looked into the game a while back I was intrigued by the idea but somewhat let down by the realization of that idea. Put basically, some famous fairytale characters are looking to recapture their notoriety in a particularly bloody fashion.

Now I'm all for fairytale heroes being directly associated with blood and guts. The enduring success to the Grimm fairy tales supports that position I think. And where this comic points a finger in the direction of "going to far". The idea is supposed to be more about "going too far" without a good reason. But of course, I don't ever REALLY need a "good reason" to draw a guy with a wedge sliced out of his noodle; eyeball just sitting there, brain and skull case in cross section.

If it wasn't apparent, I kind of had fun with the idea of a hack and slash game, coupled with a "cute" art style, running headlong into what should have been a simple "don't kill me" kind of request. The man just wanted to borrow some sugar. Was that too much to ask? Given the outcome, I guess so.

Result? Brutal.

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