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Comic for: December 1st, 2009
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WoCoD:MWH: "A Few Extra Dollars"
Posted: Tuesday December 1st, 2009 by

I may not be a fan of Bobby Kotick, but you have to admit the man is sitting atop a gaming empire. His company controls some of the largest games of our generation. And since Kotick makes no secret of his never ending desire to make more cash, I figured he might dream up the perfect storm of gaming, leaving us all broke except for our one beloved copy of WoCoD:MWH.

Now I have no idea what a game like World of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Hero would look like. But, I figured it might be fun to put it to you guys. On the surface it would have to be something akin to controlling an armed forces guy through a persistent massively multi-player first person shooter world with a plastic gun controller.

Admit it, you just liked the thought of that.

[Note: Kotick if you're reading this, WHEN Activision makes the game, I want my cut.]

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