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Comic for: December 14th, 2009
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Everquest: "Well That Makes Sense"
Posted: Monday December 14th, 2009 by

When I was talking to Sroas the other day about mercenaries. I rattled off half a dozen ogress mercenary joke ideas. Using her as a mount is infinitely more cost effective than buying a horse, drogmor, or whatever.

Now initially this was another joke intended for Vhah. But really, I didn't want folks thinking I bought a tank. I did in fact buy a human healer and headed back into the Plane of Nightmare. I just wish I was doing more damage. I'm not killing stuff fast enough to make back the upkeep. And man do I ever need a way to keep mobs from running.

Couple how long it takes me to kill stuff with an inability to stop them from running, and you've got the EQ equivalent of the OJ freeway chase. It just keeps going on an on. This usually means I run headlong into the next mob I'm going to have to fight as well. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. That healer merc does a fine job of keeping me alive.

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