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Comic for: December 28th, 2009
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Everquest: "This One's For The Lizard"
Posted: Monday December 28th, 2009 by

Last night I logged in with the intention (and more importantly the TIME) to go adventuring. And as luck would have it there were a couple of folks on who were eager to get me killed. Actually they wanted to get me my first level in 5-6 years, killing me was just a side project.

Seriously though, I didn't get one level. I got three. And we were only out for a couple of hours. It was insane. The Lizard, because we barbarians don't accept that they actually have names, would run out and drag back half a dozen mobs. He'd then proceed to lay the smack down I think I did as much damage all night as he did in a single fight.

Not to knock any dust on Milo's boots though. He mixed some shit up too. All in all was great fun. I'm hoping we can get out there and do it again.

Thanks Milo and K. This completely inside comic that no one will get but us... is for you guys.

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