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Comic for: January 5th, 2010
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Free Realms: "Take Me There"
Posted: Tuesday January 5th, 2010 by

I played Free Realms for a few hours a long while back when the game was first released. I liked the graphics. I was able to make a character that looked almost just like Ted. And the game was incredibly accessible. The only barrier to entry seemed to be whether you were a hardcore gamer or not.

See Free Realms is what I would call "hyper casual". And that in no way should be read as "not fun". The UI is stright forward, combat is simple, play type options are bountiful. Now the first time I played I don't remember quests having the "Take Me There" button. The game had a blinking green track to let you know where to go. But "Take Me There" will actually run your character all the way to the next step of a quest. So while I was moving between quest NPCs, I was playing Mario Kart on my DS, or finishing up a sudoku puzzle, or reading gaming news.

This all changed when I got to the Duelist quests though. I started playing and enjoyed the card game so much, I completely lost track of time. When I hit Duelist 6 I looked down and my computer clock said "5am". I gasped, turned off the game and went to bed. This is the latest I've stayed up playing a game in a long time.

If you don't play Free Realms for anything more than card game you've not wasted your money. Especially since, you know, the game is free.

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