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Comic for: February 18th, 2010
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Angry Gamer: "Complex Dialogue II"
Posted: Thursday February 18th, 2010 by

I was talking to an acquaintance associated with Star Wars: the Old Republic last night. And I mentioned that, if given the chance to meet him face to face, I would tell George Lucas that I think he's a Hack. The question was if I'd have the balls to actually do it. But you see, I don't like saying something about someone that I'm not willing to say to their faces.

That in mind, if given the opportunity to talk to Peter Molyneux, I would certainly own up to making an entire comic about calling him a douche. But, like the conversation yesterday, I would also be inclined to mention how much I enjoy many of his games. Professionalism would probably keep him from punching me in the face. But if he told me how much my comics suck and how horribly I write, I'd accept the criticism as a fair response.

So, if YOU had a chance to meet a famous person with whom you hold a personal grief what would you like to TELL them?

Today's Non-Pimpage: Angry Gamer is wearing a non-existant "Scared" shirt as a counterpoint to yesterday's non-existant "Grumpy" shirt, neither of which are available in the GU Store.

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