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Comic for: April 12th, 2010
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Splinter Cell: "I Have A Message"
Posted: Monday April 12th, 2010 by

There are a couple of commercials flittering across the few tv stations I watch for the next installment in the Splinter Cell series "Splinter Cell: Conviction". Commercial #1 shows a group of thugs standing beside a car bickering about who called shotgun. One by one the thugs get shot by someone off screen. When they're all gone, Sam Fisher steps into frame and says, "Well. Looking like I've... got shotgun". Commercial #2 has a Sam Fisher voice over delivering the first two boxes in today's comic. But the message he has in the commercial is "Pray". Of course, I'm not content with that message. So every time the commercial comes on, I fill in the last line with "messages" of my own.

If you were Sam Fischer, what would your message "to those that stand in [your] way" be?

Splinter Cell: Conviction is schedule to release tomorrow (4/13) for the PC, 360, and iPhone.


Since that was such a short writeup...

The second Denver Roller Dolls home bout is this Saturday, the 17th, at the First Bank Center in Broomfield, CO - 7:00pm. If you live in the Denver metro area I encourage you to come. It's loud, but it's fun. I'll be up in the cat walk running one of the follow spots. But I'll be down on the floor a couple of minutes after the last bout if you want to find me in the chaos and say howdy.

You can buy tickets from one of the skaters for $15 (until Thursday the 15th), at the door for $20 (plus tax), or online via Ticket Horse for $15 (plus "service" fees). Kids 12 and under get in free. If you'd like to go the skater route, just contact Taks at her derby gmail address: veronicadaver .:at:. gmail .:dot:. com. She can help you out or get you in touch with one of the other Dolls.

Note: GU does not make money or receive any benefit from trying to get you to come to the show. I'm just a Derby fan and am supporting the Denver Roller Dolls.

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