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Comic for: June 10th, 2010
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Guitar Hero iPhone: "Apathy Doughnut"
Posted: Thursday June 10th, 2010 by

To start things off the changes I mentioned yesterday are NOT that they're going to be posted later in the day. I just really got behind on the clock this morning and then spent way too much time sketching and coloring.

The changes also do not include an intention to make purely wordless comics. If you thought doing a single panel comic was tough, then doing comics without words are a bitch.

You may have noticed at the bottom right below the comic though, is a change to the copyright on the comic. This part is still in its testing phase but, for the moment at least, I have suckered Stormhaven into collaborating with me on the comics. She has agreed to do this until one of you bastards hire her as a Sys Admin and leave me entirely in the lurch again.

Of course, if you guys find Stormhaven to be the spark that GU needed. Start drawing all of your friends/gaming buddies to the comic. Explode our impressions. And, by way of increased ad impressions, give me the financial power to pay her for her time/effort.

That being said...
In the comic there's an iPhone with the Guitar Hero app on it, taped to an axe handle. And I am eating an apathy doughnut. Sure, there was some text that was SUPPOSED to be on there. But dammit Stormhaven, Taks, and myself all liked the comic without text. So... that's what we did.


A few folks have emailed me about commissions and I'll be responding to them shortly. But, I've still got room on my schedule if anyone else wants to jump in and take advantage of my free time! GU Commissions

Today's Pimpage: Woody is Wearing a "My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle" shirt from Threadless.Com.

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