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Comic for: August 27th, 2010
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Gaming News: "Nerd Orgies"
Posted: Friday August 27th, 2010 by

Stormhaven linked me to the PAX Nerd Orgy listing in the Seattle section of Craigs List yesterday. And my only response was to shrug and move on. I've been to Anime Conventions; I know the deal. But using the word "nerd" to qualify this gathering of flesh kind of confuses me. Typically when you commit to a very specific word to limit the focus of an event, you stay relatively true to what it is that defines the word. So unless the plan was for everyone buy into a stereotype and wear thick bottle-bottom glasses while rubbing calculators on each other while rolling around in a pool of lube covered 20-sideds, I think something might have gotten lost in the translation.

The key sticking point for most "journalists" covering this "news" is that an update to the listing seems to imply that only males are responding. Well, yeah. Demographically speaking that makes sense. The expectation is what, an average of 30% females? Maybe? It's an idea somewhat doomed to failure from the onset.

In my opinion, the guy should have just embraced what a nerd orgy SHOULD mean, offered up a MTG tournament, taquitos, and encouraged nakedity if the right situation presented itself.

Speaking of which... NERD ORGY AT MY HOUSE! Who wants in?

I'm totally not telling you where I live.

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