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Comic for: January 14th, 2011
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Angry Birds: "So Very Tasty"
Posted: Friday January 14th, 2011 by

I like Angry Birds. Taks told me I would, but my initial impression was "meh". I blame playing it on a phone because once I got a PC version it settled in nicely to my daily routine. For the last few days I just leave it up in the background and when I feel stressed or need a quick break, I play a level. So it only felt right that I do at least one actual comic about the game, not just reference it terms associated with WoW.

I wasn't aware of a PC version outside of rumors and old "coming soon" articles on gaming news sites, but Stormy linked me to a $5 downloadable PC version via Intel's AppUp system. I've gotten far more than $5 out of it and still have so much more of the game to play. The program is lacking some key elements that I think would improve my ability to play it, like, oh... a windowed mode. Beyond that though, feel free to consider this a ringing endorsement.

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