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Comic for: February 14th, 2011
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Starcraft II: "Happy Valentines"
Posted: Monday February 14th, 2011 by

A few days my brother-in-law's wife sent me a message asking about the possibility of giving her husband a gift via GU. She asked initially about a print because it was too late to get a commission. I waved off both notions and mentioned putting him in the comic itself. That's better than a print right?

If you don't understand entirely what's going on, "Hell it's about time" is from the Starcraft II trailer that had all the SC fanbois wetting their pants back before the game released. And the guy on the right is a Terran Marine. He just happens to be wearing a name tag and tie because, you know, this is a "Honey I'm Home" type scenario and being a Terran Marine, getting blasted all to shreds, is his day job.

Happy Valentines folks. Hope you have a great love filled day. Or for those of you that hate Valentines, I hope the day was overcast and gloomy... just like you like it.

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