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Comic for: March 18th, 2011
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Guest Strip: "Fight!"
Posted: Friday March 18th, 2011 by

I sent Woody this strip and he said, "I like it, I just don't completely understand it."

What's to get? My lovable 1st gen Zune is innocently walking down an alley when it's killed by a dastardly iPod Touch. In turn, the iPod gets killed by a WiMo 6.5 HTC Touch Pro 2, who then gets ransacked by the insane soul-eating HTC EVO Android device. But eventually just like in real life, everyone gets eaten by the Dell Inspiron laptop.

Err... ok. So maybe a little more explanation is required.

Really this strip was just my mind's eye's graphical interpretation of the original GASP! The Zune is dead? thread. No one said anything about being normal.

And yes, these were all random devices that I had floating around the house. I would have a Windows 7 Phone, but I just haven't gotten one yet.

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