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Comic for: May 3rd, 2011
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Woody & Ted: "Buff"
Posted: Tuesday May 3rd, 2011 by

I'm still working on the room my desk lives in and boy is it cluttered with "stuff". After having already lost the lawnmower, I don't feel safe moving anything outside. Not that we have anything more than a covered patio for storage outside, but really there's no where else to put this "stuff". So the room is littered with half open boxes, tools, shipping supplies, artwork, and the like.

To free up some space I bought a $30 book shelf from Target last night. This is where my books and signed goodies lived. I didn't have room in my office to display them at the last house, so it's nice to be able to look over and actually SEE them again. Of course in opening the boxes to load the shelves I ran across stacks of old AD&D 2e stuff and wasted an hour reading campaign notes and looking over characters I generated almost 20 years ago.

Ahh the joys of moving.

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