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Comic for: May 9th, 2011
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Perception Check"
Posted: Monday May 9th, 2011 by

Last night was the first night of our 4th edition campaign. We only made it through a single encounter, but it went over relatively well all things considered.

Now obviously Tedothalik never swung his sword, but this comic is inspired by a true story. We roll the clock back some 20 odd years to find a handful of friends and myself sitting around a table, heavy with Dragonlance 2e sourcebooks and a module I can't remember the name of. One of the participants was sprawled on the couch behind us having quickly tossed together his character: a dwarf fighter. He informed us to wake him "when it was time to kill something".

Now this particular module took place entirely within a dream sequence. So when it came time to move forward, because the group had to decide what to do, we "woke" the dwarf. I explained quickly what was going on and he responded thusly:

I'm a Dwarf right? (Yeah?) And I've got a natural resistance to magic right? (Correct.) Can I roll to realize it's a dream and just wake up from the whole thing. (Uh... yeah. Roll a d20)

I didn't bother to ask what he rolled. I didn't care. I told him he was successful, told him to go back to sleep, and removed his character from the campaign.

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