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Comic for: June 7th, 2011
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Roleplaying"
Posted: Tuesday June 7th, 2011 by

The skinny legged girl in question is actually a member of our group. Apparently one of her former wizard school buddies got all creepy-stalker, killed her family, and she'd been hiding from him when she ran into us. Now he's back in the picture. He was the one that threw all the zombies at us.

The problem with this all being a roleplaying scenario is that I'm a dwarf that, currently, doesn't really care about the rest of the group. Our first outing together was one forced upon me by the situation. This wasn't. This was a letter for her, that had nothing to do with me, and quite frankly didn't seem all that frightening... unless of course I took her word for it.

Ultimately, I had to weigh the strong chance of this turning into a roleplaying session against going out and actually adventuring. A couple of things had to be factored in: 1. we don't get to play often and when we do it's only for a few hours; 2. the only way I will ever grow to trust my group mates (from a roleplaying standpoint) will be to adventure along side them. So, I did as the comic depicts; I called a time and said "I find a reason to go with them". Put simply it was to keep them alive. I had no other reason to go. But I wanted to play, not handicap everyone for the sake of accuracy.

Have any of you other tabletoppers done similar?

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