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Comic for: August 5th, 2011
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Gaming News: "Pierre"
Posted: Friday August 5th, 2011 by

This comic is completely esoteric and you guessed it... "I don't care".

My gaming news aggregator has been broken for a while now. So every morning I was opening it and seeing a link to "Big risk that 'nobody cares' about next gen - E...". Each time I read the link, I heard this little voice in my head singing "I don't care".

The article is an interview with Epic Games' President Mike Capps concerning changes taking place in the industry, including the more casual lean of a lot of gamers. A casual lean, he surmises, that leaves them largely uninterested in technological advances.

And the little voice? I'm certain a few of you know exactly what I'm talking about. But, for those that do not: I'm referring to an animation of Maurice Sendak's book "Pierre: a Cautionary Tale in 5 Parts and a Prologue" in which a little boy only ever responds with "I don't care". His apathy eventually results in him being eaten by a lion. Hopefully that serves to explain the comic somewhat.

If that's not enough of an explanation, a little bit of Google searching should bring you to the video. I'm not promising you anything special here, just the point from which I departed to get to one of the single oddest GU strips ever.

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