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Comic for: August 10th, 2011
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HeroQuest: "Gang's All Here"
Posted: Wednesday August 10th, 2011 by

I didn't intend to do a 3rd HeroQuest comic in a row, but when you're scrounging for a joke idea and not finding anything you go with what you've got. Which in this case is a personal experience.

So both of the times we've gotten to play Taks has been the Barbarian. Well this Sunday, on the last quest of the evening, I started rolling skulls like they were going out of style. Roll after roll, nothing but skulls. Those of you that have played HeroQuest know how dangerous this can be even when you're facing the lowliest of monsters.

The quest had gone relatively smoothly. It was a bit tougher than the previous quest because my rolls were improving while everyone else was on a bit of a rolling downturn. The heroes had cleaned all but one room. The Dwarf and Barbarian were on one side of the board, the elf and wizard were on the other. The Dwarf was forced to pass on opening a trapped treasure chest as he was down to a single Body point and a failed disarm attempt would kill him. Seeing only one monster left on the board, knowing all of the doors had been opened and all the rooms searched, the Dwarf wisely cut the quickest route possible to the staircase to escape the level. Alone with the chest, and having suffered a string of failed Treasure Searches, the Barbarian voluntarily absorbed the trap to get at the chest's contents... only to find it was empty.

Meanwhile the Wizard and Elf were struggling with a single Orc. Due to rolls, no magic or weapon was having any effect on him. And as I mentioned above, I was rolling non stop skulls (except when defending). So Mr. Orc, sporting only 1 Body point to begin with, sent the two of them fleeing down a corridor to escape his wrath. The Elf cast "Pass Through Rock" and rolled high enough to make it into the room with the exit. The Wizard cast "Swift Wind" and rolled high enough on his four dice to make it into the room with the exit. Mr. Orc followed them as fast as his little legs would carry him, running head long into the Barbarian who killed him with a single sword thrust.

It was a magical end to the evening, leaving us all laughing and regaling each other with stories we had all be there to witness. There is zero wonder why I love HeroQuest.

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