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Comic for: August 24th, 2011
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From Dust: "You Know, For Stuff"
Posted: Wednesday August 24th, 2011 by

From Dust is one of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade games that folks seem to have responded so well to. I played the Demo. I dug it. But apparently "digging it" isn't enough if the company that published it (Ubisoft) tosses in some good old fashioned "must have constant internet connection" DRM action onto the PC release version after having initially claimed that internet connection would only be required for a "one-time-only activation".

After a massive amount of backlash, Ubisoft is now releasing a patch to remove the required connection DRM, though they claim it's because a forum post made by one of their representatives misinformed the player base NOT because they are giving in to complaints.

Now you guys know my position on this. But, I'll repeat it just to initiate the conversation. In my opinion DRM only punishes those who purchase a game legally. Folks who pirate the games often receive them after the DRM has already been busted and it doesn't matter that there was DRM involved in the first place. Some game companies don't seem to want to process this however. They're comfortable slapping the hacker equivalent of a post-it note on the box that says "Please Don't Steal Me!"


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